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Erasmus Projects

1) Poland

Since 2003 a deep relationship between the TU Dortmund and the Karol Marcinkowski Poznan University of Medical Sciences exists. In the last years more than 12 Erasmus students have conducted their Master thesis in our lab, one PhD has been graduated and others doing their PhD in our lab. We have organized a symposium in 2008 to celebrate the 5th anniversary and we can look back on a very fruitful past and a much more enligthen future. The Pharmaceutical Department offers possibilities on a high quality level to conduct your Master thesis in the fields of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Biochemistry. Besides of science Polish culture is overwhelming and you are embedded in a vibrant city and night culture of one of the most exciting cities in Poland. Poznan is located between Berlin and Warsow and PUMS (Poznan University of Medical Sciences) belongs to the top 3 Polish universities in Medicine and Life Science

Here some more information in brief:

Poznan city: Poznan und auf Wikipedia

Karol Marcinkowski Poznan University of Medical Scieneces (PUMS); Information in English

Faculty of Pharmacy

Information about Poland (in german language)





Some impressions of Poznan


Interested? Please contact directly for discussion of your Master thesis in Poznan!



The group Technical Biochemistry is working in an international environment. More than 50% of the PhD students and Master students come from abroad, why we expect to speak and write English fluently. All master thesis have to be written in English, Bachelor thesis can be written in German.

Note to international students: Please ask your local university if any agreements exist between your university and the TU Dortmund. In this case bureaucracy can be reduced to a minimum and a visit at our university can be organized shortly. For further information please contact also the International Office.


2) Dortmund

For Erasmus students who come to Dortmund: Here you can find a complete checklist (PDF file) in german or english language.