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Emerging Trends in Natural Product Biotechnology

The biotechnology of secondary natural product plays a more and more important role in drug and gene discovery as well in pharmaceutical bioengineering. The symposium Emerging Trends in Natural Product Biotechnology held at TU Dortmund University from 20th to 21st September 2018 gave a forum for intensive discussions and talks on various topics like natural product biosynthesis, pathway design, metabolic engineering and biocatalysis.


Prof. Nett, Prof. Kayser and Prof. Lütz organized the international two day symposium to bring experts from genetics, natural product chemistry and biotechnology together. The hosts acknowledged deeply the support of GA without this meeting would not have been possible.  „This is an excellent primer for future meetings on a still neglected topic in natural product research“ to cite Prof. Kayser. In times of Metabolic Engineering, an exploding number of genomes and analytical OMIC technologies, medicinal plants will stay tuned as attractive objects of life science research. 

For a high-resolution group picture of the workshop click here.