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DISCO to be represented at the 9th Joint Natural Product Conference

Prof. Oliver Kayser, Laura Kohnen and Friederike Ullrich will be representing DISCO at the upcoming 9th Joint Natural Products Conference held in Copenhagen (Denmark) from 24th - 27th July, 2016.


Laura will be presenting a poster entitled “Quantitative and qualitative investigation of Duboisia myoporoides R.BR.” focused on understanding the production and storage of scopolamine in corkwood (Duboisia myoporoides R.BR.). Corkwood is an Australian plant whose leaves contain many valuable compounds (called tropane alkaloids) which are used as pharmaceutical precursors. Scopolamine is one of the tropane alkaloids and is used to treat the side effects of cancer therapy, motion sickness and stomach disorders.

Laura investigated the distribution of tropane alkaloids in different organs of the plant and across different stages of growth to get better insight into how and where scopolamine is biosynthesised in corkwood. Results of the work will be presented amongst over 1000 scientific presentations to a broad audience across the whole field of natural product research.

Additionally, Sophie Friederike Ullrich (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH und Co. KG), Andreas Rothauer (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH und Co. KG) & Oliver Kayser studied different species of Duboisia to investigate the tropane alkaloids in the context of wider metabolism. They seek to improve breeding towards high scopolamine producing varieties and will present results as a short lecture: “1H NMR based metabolite profiling with special focus on tropane alkaloids in Duboisia species”, at the conference.

The Joint Natural Products Conference covers the latest research on all aspects of bioactive natural products from their source, use and regulation to the latest technological advancements in the analytical field with participants representing academia, industry, regulatory authorities and independent bodies.

For more information about the conference please see here.

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